New Chair and Vice-Chair of Dunfermline Delivers

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

The new Dunfermline Delivers leadership duo are promising an “open and transparent” approach in their bid to make the city a more attractive place to visit, shop and do business.

Chairman Lloyd Pitcairn and Vice Chairman Neil Mackie have spoken candidly about levy-payers feeling they would like to be consulted and included more in Dunfermline business development.

The Business improvement District (BID) company has been in existence since 2009 and the leaders believe it has made real progress in Dunfermline, although some still feel disenfranchised.

The new Chair and Vice-Chair are in agreement that the time is right for the previous administrations to gracefully retire with a pride in their achievements and for a new chapter to begin.

Having settled into their role, the new duo have been speaking about their ambitions for Dunfermline Delivers.

Lloyd Pitcairn, 55, runs his genealogy business from premises in Chalmers Street. He laughs that no matter what he does in his own right he’s known in the town as the son of Sheila Pitcairn, the well-known local historian and heritage campaigner.

Neil Mackie, 48, is the manager of the Kingsgate Centre and as such as been at the centre of retail matters in Dunfermline for many years.

Asked about their priorities, Lloyd said, “We’ve got to be seen as being more transparent. We want people to act together as a unit rather than individually.

“We’ll use the abilities and talents of our members and if there’s a task needing done we want to encourage and empower people to go ahead and do it. We are looking to have a Board of doers rather than simply nodding through pre-made decisions.”

Neil said, “We want members to take ownership. There are no hidden agendas, Dunfermline Delivers will be inclusive to all and fresh ideas will be welcomed with open arms. Indeed, one of out objectives is to review the business plan to be evolving and fit for purpose – this also includes making the board more inclusive.

“If you feel you have something to bring, we want to hear from you. The strength is not what we can do for your business but rather what we can achieve together.”

Neil has been at the Kingsgate for the past 18 years and overall has 26 years’ business experience. At the Kingsgate, his day-to-day duties take in issues such as marketing, safety, security and the general shopping environment.

Neil is upbeat and confident about planning the way ahead for Dunfermline Delivers stating, “Dunfermline has to work for all business sectors. We’ve all got a vested interest in this old town and by coming together we can have a destination for visitors and businesses alike that we can be justifiably proud of. To achieve that needs a real and continued teamwork.”


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