Dunfermline Food & Craft Weekend

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Food and crafts businesses take centre stage in Dunfermline

The organisers of Dunfermline Food and Crafts weekend were delighted to shoppers flocking to view the wares of local producers.

In the Kingsgate on Saturday and Sunday, there were around 40 stalls highlighting the best in local produce and crafts in the second year of the show.

Chris Foote, events manager of Dunfermline Delivers, said, “We were happy that so many people were in the town centre for the show.

“There were some real highlights including ‘Cooking with Kushi’s’. Visitors were shown around the restaurant’s kitchen and saw how the meals were made.

“We’ve been told this is the first time this has ever happened in the history of Kushi’s.

“Also very popular was the kids’ pizza-making which took place at Dine at 29 as well as the mocktail-making event at Grill 48.

“The tours at The Canmore bar and brewery were sold out and the workshops at Sew Yarn Crafty in the High Street were really busy. 

“Overall, the food and crafts event was again a tremendous showcase for the high quality products in the area.

Karen Davidson, Kingsgate assistant manager, said, “We were pleased to host the stalls and welcome so many customers on Saturday and Sunday.”

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